The fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen brought to life

We live in different times. Young minds seem to race faster than they ever have, young legs move less frequently than they have ever done. The lure of the screen has led to a potentially damaging, sedentary life-style, full of communication, but short on face to face interaction. The click of a mouse, the wobble of the joy-stick, the finger on the touchscreen, valuable tools for success in our technological age, do not replace free movement and expression in the open air.

So what if you could combine today’s technology with outdoor activity? With the Smart Playground™ you can. Taking inspiration from one of the greatest of storytellers, the Hans Christian Andersen play equipment is designed to work as both a standalone structure or with a virtual, interactive digital layer. Age-appropriate, it offers a strong basis for language stimulation and social contact.

The Smart Playground™ allows adults and children to share learning and cultural experiences in a world of life-guiding classical fairy tales. From the outset this is no ugly duckling. Stories that inspired and enlightened in the 1840’s, alive and interactive in the 21st century.

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