Dress-up Wall with Mirror

The Robinia Dress-Up wall with Mirror is a great play creator that invites numerous dramatic play scenarios: shop, make-up parlour, kitchen. It hugely attracts children in play for a long time, again and again. The table with flaps covering holes and the shelf under the table make for endless play and experimenting, shifting materials through holes. This stimulates the child's understanding of object permanence: that things can disappear out of sight but still exist. This is fundamental for understanding that people exist even if you don't see them and thus is an important cognitive skill. The window, clock and bell invite hours of dramatic play. This is known to stimulate language development. The mirror builds up the child's understanding of individuality and makes for hours of fun. The play panel as such encourage social interaction and cooperation in dramatic and explorative play.

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Artikelnummer: NRO603

Product type: Robinia Speel, doe alsof en leer

Product groep: Natuurlijk Spelen



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Gerealiseerd door KOMPAN

Iedere dag worden wereldwijd 30 nieuwe speelpleken en fitnesslocaties door KOMPAN gerealiseerd.

KOMPAN Organic Robinia

KOMPAN’s Organic Robinia speelplekken bieden een volledig aanbod van natuurlijke multi-speelstructuren, speelhuisjes, schommels, veerelementen en nog veel meer.

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