Theater Stage

The Robinia Theatre Stage holds an eternal attraction to children: they love to perform and meet. With its red curtain detail and megaphone, the stage will repeatedly be used by the children in dramatic and social play scenarios. Performing on the Robinia stage trains important life skills such as self-awareness, self-control and cooperation. The dramatic play is a favorite play type of preschoolers, and stimulates language development. The elevated platform of the stage invites socializing and is used as a place for a break, too. Children also use the stage for jumping on and off, building bone density and muscle strength as they do so. The curtains are made from tactile, flexible rubber. The megaphone makes it possible to announce new shows. The distortion of the voice in the megaphone additionally trains the child's understanding of cause-and-effect.

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Theater podium

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Artikelnummer: NRO604

Product type: Robinia Speel, doe alsof en leer

Product groep: Natuurlijk Spelen



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KOMPAN’s Organic Robinia speelplekken bieden een volledig aanbod van natuurlijke multi-speelstructuren, speelhuisjes, schommels, veerelementen en nog veel meer.

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